My investigation into “the Loyal Ones”, a secret police disappearance unit

Nathaniel Janowitz : May 20, 2018 3:29 pm : Blog/News/Updates/Whatever

“The officers took Murrieta behind a gas station where Trujillo interrogated him as two of his men beat him. Trujillo made a phone call, then instructed his men to take Murrieta to Xalapa’s Lencero Police Academy and transfer him to a secret special unit named Los Fieles, or “the Loyal Ones.” Murrieta’s mother never saw him again.

In Mexico, at least 33,000 people are believed to have disappeared at the hands of cartels or corrupt state forces since the war on drugs was declared in 2006. Impunity is the norm, and Bermúdez is possibly the highest ranking Mexican official to be charged with the human rights crime. The entire country is watching the case to see if the charges will reach even higher up the chain of command to Javier Duarte, Veracruz’s ex-governor, who is currently awaiting trial for corruption charges. Last week, the current state governor said that his predecessor Duarte had personally known of at least 19 disappearances that took place during his term.”

Maria del Carmen’s son Hugo was disappeared by the Loyal Ones

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I went to Uruguay for High Times Magazine

Nathaniel Janowitz : May 20, 2018 3:18 pm : Blog/News/Updates/Whatever

I’ve got 2 pieces in this month’s edition of High Times magazine; an interview with former President Jose “Pepe” Mujica about his successful legalization of marijuana & the failures of the war on drugs, and a feature where I wander around Uruguay enjoying the law. Go grab a copy on newsstands now!

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Bunch of new articles, Narco Rap, Cowboy Booze, and Magic Mushrooms

Nathaniel Janowitz : February 9, 2018 12:21 am : Blog/News/Updates/Whatever

Been a while since my last post. Check out a few of my most recent features by clicking here.

I checked out magic mushroom culture in the Oaxacan sierra for the October issue of High Times magazine; traveled to the border of Mexico’s most dangerous state to learn about Narco Rap and spend time with MC’s rhyming for drug cartels; drank a whole bunch of Sotol, the dangerously delicious cousin of tequila and Mezcal; and a few more reportajes for ESPN. CHECK THEM OUT

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New work with ESPN

Nathaniel Janowitz : July 26, 2017 10:51 pm : Blog/News/Updates/Whatever

The past few months I’ve been working a lot with ESPN, writing longform features from throughout Mexico. I’ve spent time with the up-and-coming fighters and old school trainers in Mexico City’s famous boxing barrios, shadowed the two-time champions of Mexico’s new American football league, and travelled to the Oaxacan sierra to learn about it’s barefooted ballers at the Indigenous Basketball Academy of Mexico. Check them all out and more by clicking here.

Oaxaca, Oaxaca, MX- May 29, 2017: Bernabe D's up on Maximiliano during the team's morning practice.

Nathaniel Janowitz for ESPN

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2016 has been a BIG YEAR

Nathaniel Janowitz : October 31, 2016 7:23 pm : Blog/News/Updates/Whatever

Fell quite behind on updating the blog aspect of my website after I became a full time staff reporter for VICE News. But just to update, in the past year I’ve published a number of articles that I am incredibly proud of.

From going inside Mexico’s abusive and secretive drug rehab centers, to investigating PTSD in children in Juarez; exploring the poppy fields of Guerrero’s sierra, and having the boss of a team of assassins for the Zetas implicate a governor for cartel connections who has since disappeared and is in hiding — these are just a few of my recent features.



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