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Looking for editing work? Meticulous grammatical scrutiny? Want to add some flare to your work? Here’s what others had to say.


“For 3 years Nathaniel edited my school papers and gave me advice on how to improve my writing. I honestly don’t know if I would have made it out of college without him! With his help I now feel confident in my own writing abilities. I couldn’t think of anyone I would recommend more.” – Ayries B. (Former Student, now professionally employed)

When Ayries was a student I edited her papers specifically focusing on her weaknesses, grammar and flow. We met in person often and I would instruct her on how to improve both these aspects, as well as her own editing and noticed a great improvement in her work over the years


“Nathaniel did a very careful and precise edit of my work. In our one on one sessions we patiently discussed the meaning/intentions of what I wrote in order to decide upon more vocabulary options and found better solutions. The process was very rewarding. I learnt from his observations but most importantly I became sure that my final work had a professional level. This made me feel confident on presenting and sharing my work in international environments.” – Mariana C. (Phd Candidate)

I edited Mariana’s Master’s thesis over several sessions together. She spoke English well, but because it was not her first language she required very specific attention to make sure the complex messages in her thesis were clear. After her thesis was completed, she was accepted to continue research at a prestigious University in Europe to continue her PhD studies.


“Thank you so much. I’m really grateful for your help. I appreciate all the constructive criticism. I really needed that because its so different from the Swedish grammar and how you make sentences. Thanks again. I have no words, you made an incredible job for me.” – Paulina S. (Former Masters Student)

Paulina was a Swedish Masters student who was required to submit her thesis in English. Although her English was good, she had a lot of difficulty expressing her true meaning with correct English grammar. I worked to meticulously correct her grammar, while maintaining and clarifying her message.


“Working with Nathaniel has been great. I don’t have the time to focus on sculpting my pitches so it was great knowing I could send him the gist of what I wanted to say and what I got back said it all, but was always practically a different thing all together. If you’re looking for an excellent and creative editor – he’s your guy.” – Sarah F. (Freelance Sales Associate)

For Sarah I’ve helped edit several of her cold call pitches that she uses to introduce her services to businesses. Her pitches need to be friendly and professional. I focused on making them more personal, less sterile, but remaining the orientation towards her business services.


“Even though I’ve never met Nathaniel he’s been nothing but professional and timely. I wouldn’t use anyone else at this point!” – Charlie W. (Business Consultant)

Charles hired me online and over a 6 month period I edited his reports and documents to make them more structured and concise. I focused on expressing what he truly wanted to say as briefly as possible.


For pricing and more information please Email me at nathaniel_janowitz@hotmail.com

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