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Here’s some of my favorite articles. If you want to read more of my work, hit the link at the bottom.


Raised in Hell: The children haunted by Juarez’s vicious drug war

Feature from VICE Magazine: From 2008-2010 Juarez ranked as the world’s most violent city. Now children raised during this period are suffering from PTSD.


What it’s like to lead a team of Zetas cartel hitmen in one of Mexico’s bloodiest states

Feature on VICE News: We sat down with a jefe of sicarios to learn about politics, cartels, and violence in Veracruz.


Inside the secretive, abusive world of Mexico’s drug rehab centers

Feature on VICE News: “It’s been three months since I’ve seen my family or even gone downstairs…If they knew I was telling you these things, they’d beat me.”


Marriotts VS. Melvins: The bizarre, violent story of Nova Scotia’s real-life Trailer Park Boys

Feature on VICE: “…a bloody turf war over drug territory that left bodies scattered around the city in EXCO long tees and saggy jeans.”


Culiacan, Sinaloa — The city of crosses

Photo feature in VICE magazine: “[Narcos] leave crosses in the streets because they believe the spirit stays in the place where they’ve died, not in the graves their bodies are buried in.”


Military police in Guatemala crack down on its Mayan-inspired psytrance scene

Feature on THUMP: “You start seeing military motherfuckers with the police, its not cops, its military motherfuckers with AK-47s. What’s going on? Where’s the war?”


This is what it’s like to live in the middle of a Zetas cartel civil war

Feature on VICE News: “[The Zetas] arrived at his house, armed, pulled him out, took him away, and later killed him… Why? Who knows.”


Mexican workers at Canadian-owned goldmines in Guerrero’s Gold Belt are under constant threat of kidnappings and murder

Feature on VICE News: As one mine worker said, “The risk of kidnappings is the price of having good jobs here.”


Street art in the world’s most dangerous streets

Feature on Hyperallergic. I tag along with street artists in San Pedro Sula, Honduras; ranked the city with the highest homicide rate in the world for the fourth straight year.


Large packages of lost cocaine – known to locals as the ‘Sea-lotto’ – are washing ashore of Trip Advisor’s #1 ranked island causing a Blood-Crip turf war in paradise

Feature on VICE News: An unintended byproduct of narco-trafficking along the coast of Central-America.


Mexico’s opium poppy farmers are fed up with the jobs dangers

Feature on VICE News: “They destroyed everything,” he said, referring to the law enforcement operation that fumigated his crop. “The chemicals got in the water, in the house…We all got sick.”



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