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My old website was hacked – welcome to the new one!

Yes, it’s true. My awesome website was hacked a few months back. I’ve included a partial screen shot of what was replaced on my website. Above all the Arabic was a picture of a white women with duct tape over her mouth. How creepy is this?


An old college friend of mine translated this for me. Apparently it says;

“Cause you to break through, and a single mask to my room and drink coffee as usual. 
And said I need to send you a message that I am fed up

Prophet Nsulv Mac (no idea what that is?) collectively, because I needed all of you to see the precursors

But the way he looks!! Nobody went with me Haha and whisper.

Overall the owner of the site “I am giving you” The best and strength,

Get rid of your site, on this server .. and go to a different server

Excuse me I’m going to continue!! Sorrow and sadness in my room hehehehe”

Seriously Mr. Azooz, nothing better to do then hack an anonymous strangers website and write gibberish? Enjoy your sorrow and sadness.

Everyone else – welcome to the new site!


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