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Marriotts VS. Melvins: The Bizarre, Violent Story of Nova Scotia’s Real-Life Trailer Park Boys

Feature on VICE: “…a bloody turf war over drug territory that left bodies scattered around the city in EXCO long tees and saggy jeans.”


Was La Paz ground zero in the splintering of El Chapo’s Sinaloa Cartel?

Feature with VICE News: “La Paz is no longer La Paz, it lost its name after these events.”


Military Police in Guatemala crack down on its Mayan-inspired psytrance scene

Feature on THUMP: “You start seeing military motherfuckers with the police, its not cops, its military motherfuckers with AK-47s. What’s going on? Where’s the war?”


How pimps in Mexico’s smallest state trick young girls into the world of sex trafficking

Feature on VICE News: “I said Okay. There’s nothing wrong if we have an ice cream,” said Karla, at 12 years old.


Mexican workers at Canadian-owned goldmines in Guerrero’s Gold Belt are under constant threat of kidnappings and murder

Feature on VICE News: As one mine worker said, “The risk of kidnappings is the price of having good jobs here.”


Street art in the world’s most dangerous streets

Feature on Hyperallergic. I tag along with street artists in San Pedro Sula, Honduras; ranked the city with the highest homicide rate in the world for the fourth straight year.


Large packages of lost cocaine – known to locals as the ‘Sea-lotto’ – are washing ashore of Trip Advisor’s #1 ranked island causing a Blood-Crip turf war in paradise

Feature on VICE News: An unintended byproduct of narco-trafficking along the coast of Central-America.


Mexican poets provide a voice to the country’s 43 disappeared students in new bilingual digital anthology

Feature on Hyperallergic: Curated by Mexico City Lit, this book provides a glimpse into the Mexican psyche during this historical moment. Read the article, or more importantly, read the free digital anthology.


Mexican police investigation into poisoned dogs continues amid fear and suspicion

Feature on VICE News: “”Strychnine is not easy to get. It is not used by the authorities or by restaurants to kill rats,” said an owner of a deceased pet. “It shows that this was not a mistake.


With Guatemala encroaching, Belize heads to the polls

Feature on VICE News: “Something as critical as our sovereignty should not be politicized,” said hip hop artist Shyne Barrow, the son of the incumbent Prime Minister.


‘La China,’ female leader of Sinaloa Cartel assassin squad, captured in Mexico

Feature on VICE News: “When the intended target stopped to try to help the woman, La China emerged from the darkness, guns blazing.”


Belize drops proposal For offshore oil drilling on world’s second largest barrier reef

Feature on VICE News: “The only jobs Belizeans can look forward to in the offshore oil industry, is on a clean-up crew,” said one activist.


Ranked: The members of the Wu-Tang Clan

Another Ranked piece on Nerve – which member of the Wu-Tang is the greatest?


Ranked: The complete works of Thurston Moore & Sonic Youth

New Ranked piece up on Nerve – what was the greatest work by the Sonic Youth front-man?


It’s curtains for the world’s oldest touring circus after Mexico passes new animal rights law

Feature on VICE News: Founded in 1888, Circo Atayde Hermanos, takes down the big-top after Mexican Government passes new laws even though the government doesn’t know what will happen to the animals.


The colorless cult of Murakami and our years of pilgrimage

The importance of Haruki Murakami goes beyond fandom and disdain.


Ranked: The complete works of Spike Jonze

…or as much as is humanly possible.


Foreign owned businesses in Belize are paying police to arrest local musicians 

Local musicians under fire, and they’re hitting the boiling point.


I agree with Sarah Palin?

Not really. Afterthoughts on a Presidential Address and United States oil independence.


Ranked: Every Jim Jarmusch film from worst to best

Can anything be better than Dead Man? I say yes.


A BuJew on Glenn Beck’s ‘Rally for Courage’ in Israel.

Op-ed piece on Glenn Beck’s Rally For Courage.


Facebook protest! Eastern Congo, conflict minerals, social media and social change. 

Our electronics are causing the largest war since WW2 and what’s happening to combat it. Social media for social change.


The paid sick days movement; creating a safer world

An article on the paid sick days movement across America


5 Monday morning sistractions. Street art, the Unreasonable Institute, sex dolls, Palestine papers and Elastica. 

An easier way to start your Monday morning.


10/10/10 – Carrotmob and 350.org combine to make climate action history

Carrotmob and 350.org in Boulder, Colorado on 10/10/10.


Top 5 ways to spice up your bike life

New ways to enjoy your bicycle.


The story of…. cosmetics?

Annie Leonard tells another story.


What’s a carrotmob? Flash mob for social change!

Consumption + The Masses = Good?!?! Let me explain.




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