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How The U.S. Exported a Bloods and Crips Gang War to Belize

A perfect storm of deportations and pop culture created a violent U.S. inspired gang culture, and Belize is reeling from a spate of recent killings.

That Cruise You Want to Take May Kill Manatees

With COVID shutdowns, the manatees of Belize have had the best grass-munching, cruise ship-free year of their lives. Now as the Caribbean nation ramps up its tourism to save itself from economic collapse, their underwater habitat is more at risk than ever before. It’s a “save the economy or save the planet” dilemma.

Trumps Border Wall Is Threatening Endangered Species

The region has long been a critical migration route for species like ocelots and black bears, as well as a focus of binational efforts to restore endangered jaguars, Mexican wolves, and bison.

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